Request for OpenSea & ENS DAO to Enable Subcollections

To whom it may concern,

I have a “simple” request. Please work with OpenSea to enable subcollection support for the domains 001.eth through 9999.eth, also known as the “10K CLUB”.

Art Blocks & Treeverse already have this integration & it will also help protect customers who accidentally purchase from scammers.


Art Block Example:

Treeverse Example:

Doing this will not only expose this subset of ENS maxis to a wider market but also protect future customers from making a mistake due to a scammer.

Thanks for listening.

Kind regards,
Late But Early


Does anybody know what the process is to request a subcollection like that in OpenSea?

That’s interesting, I didn’t know that was a thing in OpenSea. LIke

And all of those subcollections are actually part of the same NFT contract too.

Here’s an example of some metadata from one of the NFTs:

I see it has:

"platform": "Art Blocks Curated"


"collection_name": "Subscapes by Matt DesLauriers"

So I’m assuming those two fields are what OpenSea looks at?

This sounds like something that could be done in the ENS Metadata Service. @mdt any thoughts on effort or feasibility, or appropriateness? We don’t include platform or collection_name in the metadata right now, so I think adding those two fields would be a harmless change right?

Maybe a separate module that handles subcollection stuff, like how you moved the ens-avatar stuff out. Then the actual code would be pretty simple to just check if the name is 000-9999 and if so set the collection_name to 10k Club or something.

Then I’m assuming after the metadata has what we need, someone would need to work with OpenSea to “enable” that.

On the one hand, this would be a nice little gift that the ENS core team could do for that community to help it out. On the other hand, adding a subcollection for 10kclub names would invite questions/requests from other sub-communities as well asking for the same thing…

Another question is, if there are subcollections for specific subsets of ENS names, what do we call the subcollection for everything else?


I support creating a decentralized ENS marketplace. OpenSea just perpetuates centralization. Especially with the might of 10K sales, there’s a window to push for something better.


Think about all the money 10k is giving to OpenSea. There’s been 1,000 ETH of volume just today.

OpenSea takes a 2.5% fee. That’s 25 ETH just today that could go towards something better. Even if the fee were lowered to 1% that’s still 10 ETH a day.

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The general proposal here really is on the ENS metadata service side of things, not necessarily OpenSea.

I know that Nick and others don’t want to encourage reselling/squatting in general. So a feature that helps people list/search on OpenSea might not be something he’d want the core team to work on :sweat_smile:

Although, adding subcollection info (and possibly additional traits) to the metadata would make things easier across websites/apps of all kinds, not just OpenSea, not just even marketplaces.


Another thing to note is that it does not have to be a subcollection either.

If the metadata service even just added additional traits for “The 999”, “10k Club”, or whatever else, then I think those would automatically be available for searching on OpenSea and other places. Of course the metadata would have to be refreshed on all those names after any changes, on each website.

I can understand the hesitation that Nick and others probably have to adding things like this. He genuinely does not want to do anything that makes squatting more attractive or profitable. And adding additional helpful traits would technically do that. Though it would also benefit regular people who just want to easily search for and buy a domain, without the intent of squatting. My guess is that those benefits would be worth it for the ENS community at large.

Another counter-point is that “The 999” and “10k Club” are very very new. Is it just a flash in the pan? Is it here to stay? What if the community bands together and wants themselves to be called something else besides “10k Club”? Time will tell. Maybe it could be too premature to start adding specific subset traits to the metadata.

@mattgarcia.eth @garypalmerjr curious to hear your thoughts too


While I agree with not encouraging the alpha-domain names squatting, as it impedes ENS’s mission. The strictly digit-collections gives ENS utility and DAO funds that it would not likely otherwise realize.


You might want to contact Loni Mahanta VP @ OpenSea to perhaps establish a collaboration in which Opensea and ENS can provide better support to our customers… -Ed Berrios, Esq


Now we have the 100kclub.


Upon further thinking, if more traits were added to the ENS metadata, it could be not just for the999/10kclub, but other interesting subsets too, like “prepunk” (names with historical value because they were minted before CryptoPunks existed) or “letters only” or “numbers only” or “japanese only” or “contains emojis” or whatever people think would be most useful.

Category traits like that would help people to search for the name they want. Not just for marketplaces either, it could also help websites like or because they could read those traits and show interesting tags for the ENS name, or even show ENS names in groups or something.

Anyway just brainstorming again


I think it is time that a subWG is formed to incorporate these ideas. The 10k and 100k folks are constantly coming with many ideas and we should accommodate at least those that do not directly inhibit the ENS’s mission. It is not ideal that ENS keeps turning them away on every aspect. I dislike squatting and flipping business as much as the next person, but some of these ideas are pure UI/UX improvements

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Would this be a subWG, or just like an RFP that the Ecosystem WG would grant?

Integrations: Bounties for ecosystem integration support

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I don’t really know at this point. It’s all noodles and pasta. But it has to be something :stuck_out_tongue: Ideally an RFP, yes, but these things will keep popping up again and again with new collections, so perhaps keep a tiny subWG open for stuff like this?

I believe the 999 and 10kclub should have their own subcollection listing on OS, or at least a filter function that designates them by name, rather than by a mere character length or numeral search function.

The ENS clubs are to ENS what NFTs are to ETH (and by analogy, Nick is Vitalik I suppose). Vitalik certainly never wanted NFTs to be the major uses of Ethereum, but it’s undeniable NFTs brought people into Web3 that never would have arrived here otherwise (without NFTs, ETH really only appeals to DeFi and ideologues building apps for resources that have no application or need yet). The 10kclub and 999 are doing for ENS what NFTs have been doing for ETH. They are bringing users onto the platform, helping them learn of the benefits of ENS domains, and ushering in a new wave of users and developers for the future. Even if they are not the vision Nick or the ENS DAO may have had for ENS adoption, they are indisputably working towards the very goal of making ENS the web3 username for all to use.

The 10kclub has grown completely organically in stark contrast to virtually every NFT project that has preceded it, and I would go even further to say that is the very core spirit of Web3. Just because the NFTs are the basis for entry into the club and have value, they also represent a movement that is unprecedented and mirrors the early days of the Punks and BAYC with how much community engagement is. People are identifying with their numbers as usernames, talking about numbers with their friends, and researching the meaning in their identities and sharing them everywhere.

At the very least, SOME filtering needs to be done because of the widespread confusion and disappointment happening now when people are either being scammed by buying ENS domains that are similar to what they wanted but not actually what they were looking for or just for efficiency’s sake. There are many people who want to buy a 3 or 4 digit or letter domain but are unable to find any listings easily. The only existing filtering market place is GEM (a platform that very few people use and has a lot of issues with their filtering functions) and OS is a complete chaotic mess of listings, spam, and lots of listings that replace digits with letters. These barriers to entry into ENS are not in line with the purpose and vision of ENS from everything I’ve understood. If the goal is to have people acquire usernames they want to use in Web3, there should be optimized search features for how to get that name.

Finally, I firmly disagree with the point that 3 or 4 digits are encouraging squatting. There is effectively nothing that 3 digits or 4 digits are squatting on. Of course, I can see an issue with brand name filters, like lumping Chanel and Adidas domains into a category, but something that appears to be wholly neutral like length, character, or even a club designation feature that meets certain criteria of the ENS Dao (like no brand name squatting) and doesn’t infringe on any IP rights can’t possibly be against the vision of Nick or the ENS Dao.

Thanks for reading this long essay frENS.


I’ve been pushing 5-digit prime numbers, as a collection of 8,363 numbers. Anything to enhance collectability. This digit mania has people identifying themselves by their ENS digit domain.

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Why, when has already added a filter for it, must the solution lie in the metadata? I think once it’s reliably working on it will be implemented on OS

Hey, if OpenSea will add custom filters for ENS names outside of the actual metadata, then sure that’d be great. Does OS actually do that for any other project? Add their own OS-only filters that are not part of the actual NFT metadata?

But even if they do, that’s only for OpenSea. Now you gotta go around to all the other places and make them do the same thing. And some places will have different filters than others, etc. Sounds like a maintainability nightmare.

However if the changes where made in the ENS metadata itself, then it only needs to be changed in one place, at one time, and it would automatically apply to any website/dapp that displays ENS names and grabs the metadata (and not just marketplaces).

I think the only way to “sell” this to the core dev team is if it’s something beneficial in general to the entire ENS community, not specific to a certain marketplace.


I could see this being pretty useful! Some people may want to search for and only see names in their native language characters.


Tagging seems like a problem for marketplaces to solve to earn their keep. Although tempting for ENS to get involved, if ENS starts tagging metadata it will be unending. 10k, 69 club, primes, special primes. It’ll just be a method of centralizing control and “valuations”.

ENS contract cannot revoke a domain. But apparently it can tag or flag through metadata. When do these tags start to say “stolen” or “owned by a group we don’t like”.

The ENS protocol should be boring. Let the users bring the brilliance, and let the protocol be boring.


Good points.