Requesting status updates for various initiatives


Are you or someone you know involved with any of the following ENS things? I would love to have an update on the current status. Even better would be to get some type of road map of what to expect going forward. Asking to hopefully include in future newsletters. Thanks.

Oh and feel free to add any other things I missed.


  • Name Wrapper + other contract updates
  • L2 support?
  • ENS Name Normalization


  • DAO by-laws
  • Cool Down Periods
  • Code of Conduct


  • Merch Store
  • ENS Avatar PFP



Oh and I’m going to keep asking and tagging until I get answers this time :sweat_smile:

Hey Daylon,
I can answer on two of these:

Merch Store - The DAO selected General Magic to create and operate the merch store. GM has some really awesome plans and there will be polling of the community on some aspects in the near future.
As for the roadmap, they’ll be deploying the store in phases. They’re hoping to have a limited “phase 1” launch in the next few weeks. (I don’t want to steal any additional thunder from that if possible).

ENS Avatar RFP - This one is a little more uncertain. The consensus on our approach last term was fragile, so since the turnover we’ve been working to determine what the existing stewards and delegates want to to see from this project this term, if anything at all. We’d love it if anyone with strong feelings about this project could share their thoughts on a weekly Ecosystem WG call or in the forum on the avatar RFP thread.


Awesome, thank you very much for taking the time to reply. @5pence


We’re currently patching the issues identified in the audit. We hope to have the updates ready to go by the end of this quarter.

Already rolled out and fully supported in our app as well as a few clients. Metamask have merged (but not yet released) support for it on desktop; the mobile PR is still pending. Coinbase are rolling out support to all their users, and other wallets are working on their own support for issuing names to users.

Pretty much finalised, Raffy and Ricmoo are working on an implementation for Ethers and finalisation of the ENSIP so we can finish this.

Galaxis have put forward a proposal for a relaunch, which we’re aiming for the next drop on 21 September.

Also, the constitution book special edition is printed, and will be shipping any day.


Huge! Thank you very much.


Last update August 8, 2022


Hi @5pence please can I ask about which project you are referring to?
Or do you mean rather - this proposal in general

Is there any chance you can elaborate on what is meant by “fragile”?

I would be willing to add my input and opinion forward if required.

Thanks again


Any updates on the legal stuff @berrios.eth?

Unfortunately, the leadership has, in effect, tabled the idea of ENS By-laws. It appears they wanted just guidelines as to particular processes.

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I see. Well thanks for your efforts anyway!

Any new update on Equinox @nick.eth?
I know there is quite a lot going on at the moment. Thanks.

I have fairly strong feelings/ideas and suggestions in the pfp matter…

Let me know if you get stuck?

In my opinion also, this whole thing has been drawn out and deflected way too long now…

An update would be much appreciated

Cheers mate

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Hey @meta8.eth,
Completely understand the frustration. Please don’t mistake difficult DAO coordination/communication for an intentional subterfuge. :grin:

The Ecosystem WG call is really the best place to get status and coordinate if you want to offer some assistance. @slobo.eth is always open to adding items and giving space in those calls. Give him a ping if you think you can make one of those calls and he’ll add it to the agenda. :+1:

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