Resigned as delegate and participant in ENS DAO

Hi all,

This post states my resignation as an ENS DAO delegate and provides clarity to terminate my participation and membership in ENS DAO.

Since [EP6.1] [Social] Removal of Brantly Millegan as Director of The ENS Foundation, I have not participated in the ENS DAO governance mechanism, and to the best of my ability, I informed those who had delegated to me of this decision. Issues with the process that led to my decision, I outlined in this post. Furthermore, I think there are issues with delegation systems across the Ethereum ecosystem that could begin to be remedied with three suggestions:

  1. Set a cap on the amount that can be delegated to a single delegate
  2. Set a time period (term) for delegates
  3. Create a better method through which delegates can resign

I think without these aspects, delegation systems are overly flawed. This critique is not just of this (wonderful) community, however.

I reached out to those who delegated to me again recently to undelegate. I have removed my ENS metadata listing me as a potential delegate. I own no ENS tokens. I have transferred ownership and address of the keikreutler.eth ENS domain which previously pointed to my delegation address, and I have transferred ownership of my delegation address multisig (0xb7847E247871f468F221E2113640A5B9e98e19f2) to inactive accounts.


Thank you for sharing your perspective and your reasoned suggestions for ways the delegation process may be improved. It is unfortunate that you won’t be around to continue participating in constructive dialog.

Although I only have a few hundred votes delegated to me, I make a point of incorporating well-intentioned critiques I see coming from the community, and I find your input valuable.

Best of luck going forward, and I will do what I can personally to develop and build upon the ideas you have shared in future discussions and proposals.