Resolving L2 addresses in Metamask/Etherscan/other wallets

One of the wonderful recent developments in ENS was the ability to add non mainnet addresses for names in the resolver contract.

However, unlike with mainnet addresses these addresses do not resolve when entered into a sidechain wallet.

ENS entered into Optimistic Etherscan:

ENS entered into Metamask with Optimism active:

Ideally wallets/explorers would lookup address data from the resolver contract for that respective chain, instead of returning an error.

As the EVM ecosystem activity increasingly moves to L2, it seems crucial that ENS support non-mainnet address resolution.

I’m new to ENSDAO workflows but perhaps some actions include;

  • Funding bounties for pull requests toward these respective tools
  • Creating a task force to monitor ecosystem L2 ENS adoption
  • Raising the issue with delegates at other DAOs (like the OP Collective @matoken.eth)
  • Something else I haven’t thought of

Interested to hear everyone’s thoughts!


@alisha.eth is this more of an ENS Labs question? It’s kind of technical, but also kind of a partnership effort.

Looks like someone has made a cool attempt to fix this with a browser extension! Let’s back him up