Resolving [unknownabcd1234].eth names

  1. why do unknownabcd1234.eth names still show up in list when some have already been identified and if you click on the unknownabcd1234.eth name it will resolve on the page that opens to the correct name. shouldn’t this contract refresh or learn? I think it used to do that.

  2. how to find out what the name is for those unknownabcd1234.eth names that don’t resolve when clicking on them? i saw a procedure some time ago but can’t find it. Thanks.

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We don’t have any persistent storage that we can use to store these names once they’re identified.

The only way to do this is to guess and enter the name in the search box.

Actually you don’t have to guess. I discovered a simple way to get your names back. I did it with all my unknowns. This works with unknowns from both and In fact it’s very surprising that I find myself telling the famous Arachnid this! Ok, here is what you do:

First have metamask (or other?) unlocked so you can see your names in either or If in, click on the unknown name and look at the URL at the top in the address bar… That long hex between the “[” and “]” is the name hash of your domain. I’d give example but I already discovered mine and don’t see anymore unknowns. Anyhow, copy that hex and go to and input an “0x” in the search bar and then paste the hex you copied after that and press “Lookup”. Bingo, your name appears immediately! To do the same with, click on the ?.eth name you want to know and look to the right where you see your name hash. Copy and paste that the same way as just described above and you’ll see your name. Make sure to input the found domain name into and/or “I know the name” afterward so those apps will remember your name in the future!

I’m glad to hear Etherscan has a more comprehensive dictionary of known names than us. Note that this isn’t guaranteed to contain everything!


Thanks. Wish I’d seen this before expiration. It does not appear to work for released name. Etherscan just shows unknown name. Thanks for posting this, though.