Return migrated domain - and get ETH back

How to do this? Don’t see “return” button

Hey! A few questions so I can help you out:

  1. Are you sure you are logged in to MetaMask (or whatever web3 browser you’re using) with the Ethereum account that owns the name you are trying to interact with?

  2. Would you mind sharing what name are you are trying to get the return for?

  3. Could you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing for the name in the Manager?

Hi Brantly:
1 yes and yes
2. have a few potwallet.eth for example
3. i have a number of names. can see them all although there are duplicates and some still unknown even some still unknown that show the name affter I click on the unknown. Anyhow here’s a screenshot:

Huh, this is weird, because the button “Transfer” in line with “REGISTRANT” is greyed out, but not for “CONTROLLER” even though they are the same. I’ll ping out team about this.

Yes it’s weird because it says you can only transfer if you are the registrant and are logged in which in fact I was. Also, maybe the team can find out where the “release” button is. Thanks, —Norman

The “Release” should appear for the person who is the Registrant, if the ETH hasn’t already been released.

I agree it “should” but it is nowhere to be seen on any of the domains for which I am the Registrant. Can you send me a screenshot of an example of one?