Safest wallet for ENS Domains?


Which do You consider is the safest wallet for having my
ENS Domains?

Recently changed the Registrant to my Trezor Model T, but couldnt change it back to the previous wallet.

So, any advice?

Would really appreciate it.

Hi @04233.eth Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets have better security than hot wallets. So setting your Registrant to a hardware wallet is pretty good security. You would still need to be aware of signing contract permissions with a hardware wallet, as there could be a security risk for token approvals even with a hardware wallet.

As far as updating the Registrant away from Trezor, you can ping support mods in the ENS Discord: (Look for #create-a-ticket)
Or you can DM the official ENS Twitter account for help: @ensdomains