Scam! Stolen ENS

Hello everyone, My ENS domain has been stolen, there is a way to get it back

@Xavermara22 If you are no longer the registrant, or do not have control over the registrant address, the is no way for to get it back.

You can always open a ticket on our discord in the :tickets: # create-a-ticket channel. One of our moderators can help you out, but the name is likely gone.


Thank you for your help :pray:

Art, Trust & Safety Team (OpenSea)

May 6, 2022, 11:19 PM UTC


I am so sorry this happened to you. We take fraud very seriously at OpenSea and mobilize around neutralizing threats on our platform as soon as we identify them.

We have banned the attacker’s wallet address from creating/using accounts or transacting via OpenSea. This means that items in that wallet will not be able to be bought, sold, or transferred via OpenSea.

We have also disabled buying and selling of the items you identified via OpenSea.

We recommend you to:

Install a new, clean wallet.

Transfer all remaining valuable assets to that new wallet.

Some of our users do this directly by using tools and apps like Etherscan, wallets like MetaMask or on other NFT marketplaces. Please note that these are third parties and we cannot make any guarantees about their service.

As a next step, please provide us with a copy of a formal police report outlining the theft.
You can make a report with the local police or online with IC3 Internet Crime Complaint Center(IC3) | File a Complaint
Just be sure the report contains your wallet address and a list of the items taken (Links or Token IDs) . We ask that you respond to this email to verify you are taking this action and that you supply this report as soon as possible.

Transactions on the blockchain are not reversible and OpenSea does not control your wallet, or the wallet of the hacker. We are unable to help you recover funds or NFT/s.

Please note that disabling items on OpenSea does not prevent those items from being bought, sold, or transferred using platforms not controlled by OpenSea or interacting directly with the blockchain to transfer/sell the items. We are a peer-to-peer platform buyers and sellers can use to connect, but we do not take custody of NFTs sold using our services.

Art, Trust & Safety Team


Filing a complaint with the IC3 is a complete waste of time. I filed a complaint over a month ago and never heard from them. I was able to get one back on my own. The scammer has disappeared and my two other NFTs just sit in an used wallet. There is a way to message the token holder via, but the scammer is unlikely to check. When one of my NFTs was transferred, I did message the transferree and got them to transfer the NFT back to me, by letting them know that I reported it stolen and they were in possession of stolen property. Unfortunately, the transferee would not give me information about how they came into possession of my NFT.


Hello​:slightly_smiling_face:, I don’t do that either, it’s a waste of time. It was my first ENS DOMAIN, I was happy. I will mint a new one , and say goodbye to my 2 NFTs :pensive:.
Thank you for your reply :pray:

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Thank you very much for your reply and your help :pray:, I appreciate it very much. But I know that none of this helps me. For next time I’m better secured
Thanks again

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