Search results headline ENS with Donuts Inc

FYI, the headline title in this first search result for ‘ens domains’ seems off.
This image is from DuckDuckGo:


Here’s Bing, which also puts undue emphasis on the availability of the constitution book in the summary and (like the others) “Go to app” snippets:

and Yahoo!

Is that really the desired first impression?

This is being forwarded to the front end team.


Nice work catching this…:eyes:

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Appears we’re still in the donut business - a search for ENS constitution yields the following:

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When searching: dns import to ens - the results are still donuts…

@Coltron.eth Who is the front end team? Are they aware that the meta data for these pages needs to be edited from the default template? I keep sending people to ENS and they keep asking me about the donut joke? It’s kind of embarrassing…

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Please open a ticket on discord for this.

This is the Bug Report section but it doesn’t appear that it’s being monitored and if it is nobody seems to care about the issue. In a previous post you advised this was issue was being forwarded to the front end team. More than once I took the time to bring this issue to light. Ignoring the gist of my message and asking me to open a ticket on discord rather than you just following up with whomever isn’t getting this done is obtuse, terse and somewhat demeaning,

If anyone from ENS management or “the front end team” sees this and wants to do something about it I guess they will.

I don’t think the front-end team is responsible for this so there may have been some miscommunication there. Donuts Inc is the former name of the registry operator for the TLD we use (.domains) and shouldn’t show on this page either by default or otherwise unless it’s some kind of scraping bug.

I’ll look into this today and make sure it gets fixed.

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Sounds grear, thank you.