Secured a ENS domain yesterday evening and it’s still not on OS or Metamask

Could this be happening because there is an apostrophe in the ens name? I see other names taken with apostrophes. The domain shows up as belonging to me when I go to the ENS app in metamask and looks good on Etherscan. Any idea what is going on?

Yeah, if it has an apostrophe in it then it will not be considered valid:

Unfortunately this means the name’s metadata will be invalid so it won’t show up on websites like OpenSea. And Metamask pulls its NFT data from OpenSea.

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Is there anything I can do since I paid a lot of Eth for a 4 character domain that wasn’t blocked at registration and is unusable?

Not that I’m aware of unfortunately, no. Last I heard the devs were going to update the frontend manager UI thought, so it will disallow registering anything that would be invalid in the metadata service.

I’m not sure if there will be any refunds, someone else asked about that here: ENS Name Normalization - #131 by Wildfire


Ok should I try to request a refund there since there were no safeguards in place? Otherwise I wouldn’t have purchased the domain.

I don’t believe any such refund process exists today, not sure about in the future when these normalization updates get rolled out though

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Ok so the domain is useless and I paid $190 in Eth plus gas fees

Unfortunately yes. :pensive:

Okay but that could change in the future and might be retroactive potentially?

Potentially yes, I would certainly hope so. You are certainly not the only person to fall victim to this!


Thank you! Would it be a good idea to check back in the ens forums monthly?

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Yes, specifically I would watch that normalization thread: ENS Name Normalization

And this related GitHub issue:


Thank you, will do!