Set up ENS Manager with ENS on private chain

I’m currently testing ENS on a private chain following the documentation :

I’m looking for an easy way to test ENS (register, resolve, configure names) with an UI, to make a demo. I wonder if it’s possible to use the ENS app and adapt it to my private chain :

Have you some informations about that ?

Otherwise, do you know tools similar to dig to resolve names ?

Thanks in advance,

I’ve never tried but you could hack it.

in ens-app there is yarn start:test which points to locally deployed instance on ganache.

if you look into this line , you can see that it’s setting customProvider and deployed ENS address so you could hard code your end point and contract info.

One thing you have to be aware is that our /address and subdomains are fetching data from so if you don’t have local graph node up and running, it may fail to fetch data on these.

Good luck

Thanks, I will test that. :grinning: