Setting up an ENS registry contract for a Handshake TLD

Hello I started a company Impervious Inc which is building projects for Handshake. We would like to set up a custom ENS registry contract for one or more Handshake TLDs. The idea would be decentralized subdomains on a decentralized Handshake TLD. I think this could be an interesting collaboration between ENS and Handshake.

We would be happy to pay someone for this, which could lead to a full time position. If you have interest, please email


Setting up another registry means you are forking ENS so not sure why that would be the collaboration rather than hostile act. Providing HNS tld to existing would collude with DNSSEC we already have for domains like .xyz. One alternative could be for you guys to have one of ENS domain like hns.eth to setup DNSSEC registrar so that it can coexist within the current ENS instance

Thank you for your reply. It’s a collaboration and not a hostile act because we would be setting up a fork of ENS which would sell a specific TLD that is currently not for sale on ENS. For example we own .www on Handshake and would like to set up ENS as a registry to sell subdomains under this TLD. .eth is blacklisted on Handshake, and all existing ICANN TLDs have been grandfathered in (e.g. .xyz). We have no interest in setting up subdomains under hns.eth, as it defeats the purpose of using Handshake, which is to have a truly decentralized root zone and certificate authorities.

I think it would be a great collaboration and way for the ENS and Handshake communities to work together to build truly decentralized domain names.

Even though the idea of supporting ENS with handshake as root is interesting, not sure if supporting two roots will be a good idea. Yes, handshake is not tapping into existing DNS tlds like .xyz but that does not guarantee the collisions of tlds which will be released in future.

Btw, registry and registrar have two separate meaning in ENS. While you can have multiple registrars governing each tld, you cannot have multiple registries nor no point doing so unless you are aiming to create a separate ENS instance for wallet and dapp to pick one or the other

Since it’s an interesting thought experiment, I chat within ENS team.

If you want to use Handshake as tld, one need to write handshake light client capability to read Handshake blockchain state as Ethereum smart contract(in EVM).

We have DNSSEC Oracle which traverse the chain of trust of DNSSEC but that is only possible if all proof leads to single root. As Handshake has its own consensus mechanism you cannot reuse our Oracle contract.

yes I understand. Thanks!