Should the DAO end the airdrop on or shortly after May 4?

The official airdrop period ends May 4th. After that date, the DAO can claim back any remaining tokens to its own wallet (or any wallet of its choosing). Until it does so, people will still be able to claim.

The EP2 airdrop is similar; the DAO can revoke the authorisation that allows people to claim at any time, but until it does, claims will still be open.

Should the DAO pass a vote to close the airdrop as soon as it’s able, or leave it open for longer?

  • Close on May 4
  • Extend by 6 more months (1y total)
  • Leave open indefinitely

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Working out a timeline here. To execute on May 4, the proposal must be:

  • Queued on May 2
  • Proposed onchain on April 25
  • Proposed on Snapshot on April 20th

… so I guess we’d better get a vote on. I’ll start writing up an EP.

Edit: EP draft here


May be 6 mounths if do not affect de dev road map

I’d say let’s close it off. People have had plenty of time to claim. If we want further distribution of the token, the DAO can always come up with a new drop or distribution mechanism.

This is now up for voting.