with Ethereum is now enabled!

I’ve enabled the Sign-in with Ethereum plugin for this forum. You can now use your Ethereum account to sign in to the forum.

If you have an existing account, when you sign in with Ethereum for the first time, it will offer you an option to link to your existing account. You can also go to the ‘connections’ section in your user profile to do this.

Spruce tell me they’re intending to work on some extensions that use this functionality to show information such as verifying a user’s ENS name and profile picture, and showing delegate participation statistics etc.


I use Torus wallet but it seems it is not WalletConnect available. Is this a recurring problem with the smaller wallets? Should I migrate to a larger wallet?

You can always download another application and import your keys. There isn’t anything to “migrate” in the traditional sense, as the data is all on the blockchain.

There are best practices for safely and securely importing your keys to a new software wallet. Please initiate a ticket in our official Discord under the # create-a-ticket channel if you need assistance.

Remember, never share your seed phrase with anyone and do not share your screen when interacting with this information.

This is great, love to see this being implemented in practice. Go ENS!

Thanks! I am going to do that and also link the account