Simplify your wallet address with luxe-domain

The luxe-Domain is the first, Top Level Domain to combine the Ethereum
blockchain identification system with easy-to-remember words of the
registrants choosing, increasing trust and credibility - as well as
ease-of-use - to every transaction. the luxe-Domain provides users with
the ability to use mynamethe luxe-Domain as the secure identifier
instead of a meaningless, 42-character hash. On top of this, the
luxe-Domain has all of the functionality of a regular domain extension
(website, email, etc.).

The Luxe-Domain can be used for the .eth wallet. But also for Smart Contracts and and Decentralized Applications (DApps)

The luxe-Domains as an official ICANN accredited domain extension avoid the mentioned disadvantage. As user must not download a plug in software like at .eth, all transactions will become easier.

Hans-Peter Oswald

That is quite a website, wow. Really takes me back to learning HTML in the early 2000s.

Welcome to the forum, but please don’t use it just to advertise.
Also, I don’t understand what you are selling. Is it domain names that end with .luxe?

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Google likes our websites.

Yes, we offer as ICANN accredited registrar domain names that end with .luxe.

Hans-Peter Oswald