SIWE Twitter Space | March 17th

Just wrapped a Twitter Space with @rocco and @wayne from SpruceID. The recording will be up for 30 days from today.

We covered the Sign-In with Ethereum Discourse plugin (which has been integrated to the ENS forum) and the community server proposal, EP10. Snapshot voting is open for 3 more days on EP10. Vote HERE.


I tried to take some notes but got a little lost and I’m a bit sleepy… :sweat_smile:

Twitter Space Notes - Thursday, March 17, 2022 - 2PM UTC - Sign-in with Ethereum Discussion with SpruceID


@rocco, @wayne, and @alisha.eth held a Twitter Space to discuss the latest developments for Sign-in with Ethereum, with a focus on the most recent integration with Discourse. ENS DAO EP10 which pertains to SIWE was also discussed.


Discussed ENS subgroup for community managed identify service as part of EP10. Rocco encouraged any interested community members to join and participate in the subgroup, in order to keep diversity within the operations of the proposed Identity Server.

Questions & Answers:

Q. What is the difference between traditional Web 2 log in and using SIWE to log in?

A. When you log in with Facebook or Google, you are going through a gatekeeper that controls whether or not you are allowed to access the services. SIWE is a direct peer-to-peer relationship with the service you are logging into, and the user maintains custody of thier own private key and private information.

You and the application are the only ones that agree to share information with SIWE, without the need for any middlemen accessing your data.

Q. What measures have been taken to ensure there won't be any type of exploit that compromises user's wallets?

A. The users maintain custody of their own private keys and there are no central databases which could be exploited. Noted it is still best practice to be skeptical in crypto security matters.

Q. Are there plans for ENS or Spruce ID to extend this standard for other chains, such as simply "sign in with blockchain," etc.?

A. The Spruce team is focused on Ethereum and EVM compatible technologies, but any other developers are encouraged to create similiar projects that can support multiple chains.

Open Discussions:

Would lurkers in Discord and/or Discourse be more open to chat with a single portable identity like SIWE?


[EP10] [Executable] Fund a DAO-Governed Identity Server
Spruce Twitter Account


Yet another reason for us to name our services “connect with wallet” and not include Ethereum name. Otherwise it’s inevitable this single sign on button will have 10 exact clones that change nothing on the underlying tech than the name.