Sofamon - Your crypto desktop pet

Hi all!

Thanks for the opportunity of presenting Sofamon in the ecosystem meeting. I wanna update the latest progress of Sofamon in this topic so that we can get more feedback!


  1. Sofamon is a desktop pet which can provide a fun and interactive way for users to interact with blockchain and get value.
  2. Sofamon hopes to help more users explore the latest ENS v3 protocol.

What we believe

  1. On-chain applications will take crypto’s utility to the next stage which is not only about speculation.
  2. Crypto is about value and internet is about information.
  3. Disruptive crypto products should convey the ethos of crypto to unsophisticated customers.

The product

Based on the beliefs, Sofamon is designed to help users engage more with the chain and on-chain protocols. Key features:

  1. Customizable appearance based on your on-chain activities: Wearables can be collected by your on-chain activities and you can use that to dress up your Sofamon.

  2. Real time cute animation when you interact with the blockchain: Every time the user interacts with the chain, Sofamon will make a cute move.

  3. Short cut ETH data check: Users can easily check the ETH price&gas fee by clicking your Sofamon

  4. On-chain task and protocol navigation: Sofamon will collaborate with on-chain protocols to design tasks to Sofamon users so that they can explore more and get more rewards. The navigation dashboard can help them enter the task website easily.


We think ENS is essential for every new wallet users. Sofamon hopes to help more users start to engage with ENS protocol, especially the latest V3 protocol. So we wanna design a task for Sofamon users to explore the V3. Here is the basic plan:

Goal of the task: Encourage more people to try more about the new ENS V3

Rewards: 1ETH, 100 Rare ENS hoodie NFT

Distribution method: Everyday select 3 users who interact with V3 to get the rewards randomly (Pool together mode but with interaction with protocol)

Sofamon also applied the round 5 eco grant: ENS Small Grants. Please support us if you are interested in the topic!

Contact us

  1. Twitter:
  2. Beta link:

Love this project! Thanks for coming on to the ecosystem call and look forward to having you on in the future for updates.


Great project, looking forward to the follow-up


I wanna update the progress of Sofamon over the past two weeks here:

  1. The New Sofamon Website and Dashboard UI/UX:
    We designed the new Sofamon dashboards; The user can easily check the ETH price&Gas fee on the dashboards and navigate to the essential Dapps, such as ENS

  2. Token Bound Accounts:
    We’ve been contributing to the new EIP6551 - token bound account. Which means each Sofamon is a wallet account which can store assets and record the interaction history. We will encourage every Sofamon user to use ENS and ENS subdomains to name their Sofamon.

  3. Protocol design:
    Inspired by MSCHEF and pool together, we’re designing a win-by-interaction protocol which aims to incentivize more users to interact with blockchain. Everyone who interacts with one protocol will have a chance to win a big prize.

In the next 2 weeks, we will launch our internal testing version with new website and UI/UX. Anyone interested in trying out can follow Sofamon on twitter and DM us. We’ll send out the ENS hoodie to early supporters!