Someone has to say something

Is there just blanket spending and decision making authority when it comes to advertising / marketing / PR?

Who’s decision was it to hire a sex-themed twitter influencer to represent ENS? It is quite offensive that a visit to the profile of this person shows her location as “Titty City” - is this the example we are going to set in the community? Is this what we want to use to onboard web2 people?

Who approved paying for an advertisement that inflates the $5 actual cost of an ENS name to approximateky $6500? That surely doesnt help adoption.

Who’s decision was it to allow the use of a Sarah Mclaughlin’s song in this advertisment without permission, hence exposing the DAO to a lawsuit seeking damages including possibly a percentage of ENS sales well into the forseeable future.

We vote on grants - why wouldnt we be voting on which influencer would be representing the character of ENS?

There seems to be a disconnect here in which the people making decisions don’t seem very connected with the mission. Its weird that some of those people making decisions and tweeting from the official @ensdomains account have never once participated in a single discussion on this forum.

Poor choices have been made, and poor choices continue to be made - who is actually in charge over here?


And who are we to judge what someone does for work or what is on their twitter? this is web 3 and your moral compass is not mine and not whoever your referring too. we all come from different walks of like and cultures. Some cultures who are very active in web 3 find it distasteful and disgraceful for a woman to show her face while other much like mine in San Francisco find it acceptable to walk down the street at noon on a Tuesday in the buff. both are extremes and both exist in web three and the DOA. however what i think is far more concerning not just for the DAO, but for the human race, are people who feel so entitled to think their way is the right way.
Just my personal view and like i said who am i right. be blessed


I didn’t say, nor do I think that my way is the best or the only way - in fact, if you look at the list of my ENS names, you may find that I am “personally” quite open-minded and do not judge anyone, and I have quite an extensive record of being known to say that anything goes in web3. A short scroll through my tweets and you will see the post of me clad in my rainbow socks in response to the thugs who believed that Target should be trashed for taking part in Pride.

I am certainly NOT judging anyone, from San Fran to Titty City, all are welcome in my home, my life, and I will vigorously defend any human beings rights to be whomever they are and do whatever they please as long as it causes no physical harm to another person.

From a business standpoint, when a business chooses to use sexually explicit material or pays for endorsement from people associated with pornagraphy and adult content they are crossing a bridge and making a decision to state that they are speciifcally not welcoming minors, and sending a message to parents that the ENS community is not family friendly / PG rated. No matter what our views as adults, im sure we can all agree that sexually explicit material and sexualization of the human body is inappropriate for minors - a nude beach or bare breasted woman on the street is one thing, and a porn star or someone sexualizing her “titties” is not something we should be introducing to our children until they are of an age where it is appropriate. Where is the line drawn as the ENS community? Is the ENS community, as far as our message and space - is it a safe space for all ages or is it a free for all? I dont know but i believe it is a big decision and a decision to be made by voters / stakeholders. Nudity is ok on the street in San Fran…should we also have naked people walking around in the childrens section of the public library - I dont know…where is the line drawn…is everyone confortable with breasts? How about a flopping penis in the library? Time and place maybe? For now?

I think while questioning my motives, thoughts and feelings, you may want to question why we didn’t choose an active member of the LBGTQ+ community to endorse ENS and why it was a titty girl? Or, quite frankly, from my business experience, whenever I would run media for my restaurant chain of over 250+ locations, I would always make sure to produce spots that include every possibe demo - so for something like this, being web3 and all, the smart money would do a spot with a titty girl and a penis boy, and some non-gender situations - and then maybe some spots with all of them together, showing the “Spectrum of ENS names is a reflection of the spectrum of ENS holders”

Business is business - every decision needs to be pretty much the best one, and that takes careful thought and consideration of ALL aspects of ALL options…something that surely wasn’t done by current “management” :globe_with_meridians:

Food for thought - and always with peace and love in mind.


Agreed, that I may have not been looking at the business aspect and for that I stand corrected. So thank you for giving me perspective. On that. And be at titty city to Abu Dhabi business is business and I do agree that if you want want to represent an organization you should have a seperate Twitter that is more professional or should I say that fits in the box a little bit more?. and then go ham on your personal profile. This, especially is so , if there’s a paid positions. I would double down and so that there should be a set of guidelines written by the DAO of what a person professional profile should represent. Coming from professional background, and also being a little rebel that I am, I’m not necessarily gonna put. Sniffinbritches.eth as my linkedin header even thought that would amazing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Once again, thanks for the open dialogue. It’s how we all grow… now I need to go check out you ens collection!


Also genuinely appreciate the open dialog and that you took the time to hear me and consider my point of view.

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