Sponsorship for IRL Outreach

Hey folks,

N00b here. I was directed by @inplco to post this question. @Limes I see you lead IRL Outreach for the Community WG.

My request:
My organization, Web3 Texas focuses on foundational education for web2 users. I am putting together a presentation at a local IT conference where I will be speaking to a technical/leadership crowd on Digital wallets and Security. I have a full section in my presentation that focuses on best practices for the digital wallet - buying and associating an ENS domain being one of them. Does ENS sponsor organizations like mine, or is there a program I can submit thru to request sponsorship?

Here is the outline of the presentation:

  1. What is Web3
  2. What is a digital wallet
  3. Why you need a digital wallet
  4. Types of Wallets - custodial v non-custodial
  5. Wallet Mediums - hot v cold
  6. Multi-sig and why this is important
  7. How does the wallet work with the blockchain
  8. Best practices (e.g., Protecting Private Key, Password Management, Seed Phrase backup, Multi Wallet strategy Using .eth addresses, etc.)
  9. Signing transactions
  10. How to get a wallet

Link to event: Crypto Wallets & Security **You MUST register at link in description**, Thu, May 26, 2022, 7:00 PM | Meetup
Please do not be misled by the number of people attending on the meetup site- the real numbers are with my host. So far we are at 18. There are sure to be more as my host typically has between 800-1000 in-person/virtual attendees.

Happy to share my host’s prospectus if needed.

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Hi web3tx,

It’s great to see you educating the space about the specifics of cryptocurrency and blockchains!

Our IRL Outreach team really just focuses on promoting ENS through merch, events at conferences, etc. and not so much sponsorships so I don’t think this fits our criteria.

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Thanks for the quick reply @Limes !
Do I have any other options, maybe from a different team? I am spreading the word in places where your team has limited to no reach, I think that would be of some value to ENS.

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