Spread the word: ENS names are NFTs! (it's not just JPGs!)

I think a lot of people don’t realize ENS names are NFTs too (ERC-721 compliant). Just about every single time I see NFTs discussed online, it’s either “muh jpgs” or “muh game items”. Not that there’s anything wrong with those, but it just seems like 99% of people equate NFTs=JPGs and nothing else. And especially now with FB → Meta, everyone thinks “metaverse” is “VR headset second life chats” and nothing else lol.

In a decade, everyone will just use ENS names as their handles for the web3 world, in the same way twitter handles are ubiquitous today. It’s hard to understand how important these will be, these are the anchor/entrypoint for damn near everything else in the upcoming metaverse.

Not to mention subdomains…

The next time people ask “what’s the point of an NFT, isn’t just an image?”, spread the word about ENS. It’s a great example that I think a lot of people in the traditional/web2 world can wrap their heads around, because they are already well versed with ICANN web domains or twitter/discord handles, etc.

Very excited for what’s to come! :facepunch:


Yes, and hopefully soon a company like Charged Particles will whitelist ENS and you will be able to use your domain as a wallet/vault and store other nfts, documents, coins, earn interest with AAVE, and it will be more than your identity. Exciting times.


That’s interesting about the “store other nfts” comment, but wouldn’t it really just be your ETH address that stores/holds it? Just in the same way that your ETH address holds the ENS NFT?

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ENS is an NFT, I am meaning using Charged Particles tech to be able to store the mentioned inside the ENS NFT on contract. So, your ENS then becomes a whole lot more than just an address/website.

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Very nice, I didn’t know about that project! Runs on a L2 right? So if that L2 solution were to fail, the most you’d lose is just the extra “stuff” that you had linked to your NFT?

They plan to become blockchain agnostic, so their current l2 is on Polygon or l1 ETH. I’m not sure if there have been any losses on contract with Polygon.

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Pretty cool, adding more utility to domains and subdomains as NFTs, can’t wait! Having everything tie back to your one decentralized identity will be nice.

Very nice. ENS is an FNT

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Agree with every word of this most insightful post! A+++

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Spread the word :raised_hands:

I’ve got nothing against NFT art, but unfortunately I think it has entrenched the average person on the street into thinking that’s all NFTs are.

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