SSL certificate for subdomains (Fleek)

Hi! I’m using Fleek to set content hash for a subdomain but I’m unable to request SSL certificate successfully as it is always stuck at pending. According to this article (Fleek Makes Deploying and Maintaining an ENS+IPFS Website Easier than Ever | by makoto_inoue | The Ethereum Name Service | Medium), it shouldn’t take that long for the request. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Which operation do you stuck at pending? In our ENS page, the only online transaction is to set registrant to theirs. Are you doing that from or from fleek site. If the latter, did you ask for help at their slack channel?

Thanks Makoto, I did that from, clicked the “request SSL certificate” button next to “content: IPNS:// xxxxxxxxx. (SSL certificate for is not created yet)” and then it’s pending forever.

Can you send me the actual contenthash being set and your ENS name? You can DM me on our Discord if you don’t want to make the info public.