Staking a la Algorand

Algorand allows staking in same in exchange for Governance rights against a pre-determined APR where the more token staked, the lower the anticipated APR % is net at the time of distribution. The tokens are withdrawn from the user’s immediate liquidity. If any amount of staked Algo is removed from the protocol/contract, the user forfeits all [?] rights to any staking reward.

Temp check for allowing this type of contract to exist for ENS?

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There is no reason for this.

Actually there is very little reason in general that smart contract tokens have staking but that’s another discussion.

I would challenge you to provide clear and convincing reasoning this is needed and would strengthen ENS as a public good.

Ultimately, there is a probable personal and financial incentive at play.

Incidental benefits:
This could prompt folks to commit to participate more in initiatives.

If the tokens are locked away for an “extended” (X>30 days) period of time, it may help keep liquidity more stable than it probably already is; it may allow for a portion of the tokens to be employed by the DAO for interest-bearing purposes.

I doubt this does anything indirectly for ETH staking in/directly, but I welcome any “well actually…” comments/ideas.

There is room for ENS tokens to be more dynamic than what I might understand them to be.