Step 3 payment issue

My transaction at step 3 failed

according to the F&Q

This happens occasionally when the USD price changes and you haven,t registered with enough ETH. Please try again from step3.
Please also be noted that the registration step will expire if you don’t complete within 24 hrs and you have to start from step 1 again.

my step 1 paid at (Dec-23-2021 07:39:01 AM +UTC)
i am sure it goes to step 2 …
after that i went out…when i came back after 12 hours now , it requested me to go back step 1 again

Transaction Hash: 12 hrs 9 mins ago (Dec-23-2021 07:39:01 AM +UTC)

i am naive to pay twice …

Transaction Hash:33 mins ago (Dec-23-2021 07:19:03 PM +UTC)

the gas fee extrem high now …i should wait but i afraid my eth lost again and go back step 1 again again again …

few hours later i want to check the gas fee…
it returned from step 3 to 1 again …
it mean i wasted 3x USD …

That is frustrating, because it tells you that you can leave the page and come back to it, but each time it sends you back to step one. Now, I leave that screen open until the transaction is completed.

[EDIT] I should note that it doesn’t happen all the time, once step three is initiated and the transaction is processing, you can leave and go back.

I just want to buy a domain just for fun

So i gave up and already wasted some money…

But i curious the step 1 it mentioned “if the second transaction is not processed within 7 days of first, you will need to start again from step1”

I think i got scummed … few hours later all my afford its gone at step 3

I had a number of transactions take most of the day. It seems your requested gas fees is too low. Some wallets let you increase the gas fee for the transaction. For others, you need to do an override where you change the nunce of the second transaction (with a greater Gwei) to that of the transaction you want to replace. The system will note the nunce duplication and process the one with the great Gwei.

I am not an expert, most of what I learned has been trial and error, and some research and a lot of persistence.

I didnt mention the gas fee.

For the first try , gas fee + payment, quoted total around usd 8 to 90.

Anyway …. I feel suck because i lost more than usual … maybe i dont know how it works

There is a gas tracker you can follow. The thing to remember is that gas fees constantly fluctuate, so I either choose low or custom, but can’t be to low. Saturday and Sunday is usually good days because the large institutions and corporations are not as active, so fees tend to be lower, and are lowest in the early morning or late night hours.

Here’s one site:

Ethereum Gas Price Charts & Historical Gas Fees – ethereumprice.

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Thanks buddy.
I used to pay BTC and new step into Eth.
Its totally different.

Your suggestion is veryhelpful

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gas price 40.7 gwei
gas limit 46267
nonce 17

my coninbase wallet eth gas fee setting. and it cost slowest cost USD 7.61 now

is that normal ?

Jump on it, it is slow and low because of the holidays.

Hi @vios.yeung

If you join the ENS Discord and open a support request in #create-a-ticket
I’ll take a look at your transactions and try to figure out what happened.



Thank you, ticket created.

Also thank you for checking to see about moderators for the Reddit sub r/EthereumNameService. I’m looking at passing this on to elected guild stewards this month after formation of the Foundational Community working groups.


I’ll apologize as I’m a bit of a noob with this, but think I’m having a similar issue. It’s been 30 minutes since I did Step 3 and nothing has happened. Wallet opened up, confirmed the transaction, was charged the transaction fee… and nothing.

Hi @ohcvlt

Could you join the ENS Discord and open a support request in #create-a-ticket as well, and I’ll see if I can help you out :slight_smile:


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