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Ecosystem Working Group Steward nominations

Creating a Forum thread here to post nominations for the Ecosystem Working group. I have permissions to create a topic but I am unable to reply to the above post. I apologize in advance for a separate post. Also inviting other applicants including @sharp3.eth @conordb.eth to add nomination for visibility

Nomination for sharp3.eth

Snapshot Vote Link

Your preferred name/ENS name: sharp3.eth
Forum username: sharp3.eth
Twitter profile link (optional): @sharp

Why do you want to be a Steward of this Working Group?

ENS is one of the most recognizable aspects of the Ethereum ecosystem and the ETH community. In that sense, ENS has developed an ecosystem of its own with a wide range of participants, stakeholders and contributors. To this extent, the Ecosystem working group plays a pivotal role in maintaining and growing the ENS ecosystem with a multitude of initiatives. I am confident that my additional contribution to the Ecosystem working group will facilitate and alleviate the processes of the Group.

My vision for the ENS ecosystem

  • Proactive Growth and outbounds: Working in multiple ecosystems and protocols like Compound, Kava, Arbitrum and Optimism, I realize the need for a proactive effort to grow the ecosystem. ENS has been the go to web3 identification and community standard since its inception, in that regard it has always attracted top level projects and developers ( for example). At the same time, it is equally important the the ecosystem working group actively seeks contributors to keep expanding the ENS ecosystem, akin to the Infinite Garden as suggested by Ms Aya Miyaguchi.
  • Community engagement: As the key stakeholder in the ENS ecosystem continuation and growth, the ecosystem working group needs to have a more proactive approach in attracting projects and integrations. Furthermore, the extensive ENS community spread across social media is the best medium for referral and identification of the projects best suited to drive ENS growth.
  • Emphasis on events: Alongside the active outbounds, the support to Hackathons and fellowships also paves way to attract top talent into the ecosystem. The working group has been very active on this front, and I would love to see more activity as we move ahead.

My Background

I have been involved in Web3 since 2019. 2021 onwards I started helping startups to get connected and supported by ecosystems through grant programs. I have professional experience in the DAO processes with my current role as Governance Lead @, a Web3 ecosystem growth consultant.

  • DAO and Governance Lead @ Alphagrowth: As the DAO lead at Alphagrowth, a web3 ecosystem growth consultant, I spearhead the growth operations and relations with DAOs. Currently working on Compound, Arbitrum and Collab.Land DAOs, I have developed close working relationships with the deleagtes and community members that helps me have a good understanding of the current happenings in the DAO industry.
  • Governance Facilitator at Boardroom: As the governance analyst with Boardroom, I work closely with the Boardroom team to facilitate governance in the Optimism and Aave DAOs. Giving weekly updates, proposal analysis and governance briefs to the Community. Some of my writings can be found here and here

I have a rich background in ecosystems and grants. Here are a couple of my projects that demonstrate my experience in this field

  • Web3Native: Track, analyze and work on 107+ Web3 ecosystems and grant programs. For the startups that reach out to the platform, I help them with identifying and filling grant applications without any fee. Additionally, I also recommend Web3 incubators and accelerators to startups.
  • Optimism Grant Analytics: On this project, I track all the current and past grantees for Optimism. Currently tracking 441+ projects that have cumulatively secured grants over 50M OP. At present the data on grants is scattered across the Optimism governance forum, and community members do not have an easy way to discover and analyze the grantees. Grant3 helps facilitate the OP community with Grant analytics.
  • Aave Grant Analysis: A platform that showcases the work of the Aave Grant DAO. The platform offers a simple and intuitive interface to understand the current and past updates relating the the Aave grants. A critical tool for the community to identify Grants and grantees.

Any other information you wish to share with Delegates (e.g. potential conflicts or existing engagements)

I am working with Alphagrowth and Boardroom to serve multiple DAOs including Compound, Optimism, Aave, Arbitrum and (And also ENS). I do not see any conflicts of interest at the time of applying for this role, but I a situation arises in the future, I will ensure that the working groups, stewards and community members have ample information to make decisions.

I thank the ENS community for presenting me an opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the Ecosystem. I look forward to contribute more to the community as we move forward.

Hey @sharp3.eth,
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@5pence.eth thank you for giving me access, my account now has a member level. But I am still unable to reply to the original thread. The reply button is not visible on my interface.

will post on the original thread as soon as I have reply perms. Thanks for the help

The General Discussion category is open to all, but other categories require you to have a certain role first. You need to click on “Request Access” at the top-right and fill out that form. Then one of the DAO stewards will review that and give you access.


I have given you the ‘agoraphile’ role which will now allows you to post in the thread


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I changed the name of this thread so as to avoid confusion, but we can leave it open as a place for anyone to post regarding issues they’re having with forum access during the nomination process.