Stolen ENS: Lobe.eth


I owned Lobe.eth and 7 hours ago (as of posting this), it was somehow transferred out of my ownership, airdropped and repurchased by the wallet below, who now is selling it for 10 ETH:

I have my ENSs and NFTs listed on OpenSea via the MetaMask wallet holding those assets - is the wallet compromised? Should I get a new wallet?

Can I retrieve Lobe.eth somehow? It was my most valued ENS… Really disappointed I could not prevent this…

Any tips for better security?


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Hey @Myco_Pete, sorry this happened to you.

Can you please contact our support team by sending a DM to the ENS Twitter account. They will be able to help look into what happened.

I will also encourage our Support Mods to post general security tips in this thread, but incase there is any sensitive info, a DM is a good starting point.


It looks like the domain might have expired and the new owner bought the domain off premium. Sorry mate.