Stuck at Step 1 trying to register a name

I’m trying to register an eth domain name and have submitted my first transaction, however, It’s stuck at step 1 and the “TX Pending” is just spinning. Step 1 states it should only take 15-30 seconds, but it’s been “TX Pending” for over 30 minutes at this point. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but looking for any advice.

I’m connecting to the Ledger Live desktop app and confirming on my Ledger Nano S and it appears it is accepting.

Hey @johngeiser, check etherscan to see if the txn has completed. As long as you haven’t cleared your browser’s cache you should be able to come back to the registration.

If it’s still giving you problems, open a ticket on the discord in the :tickets: # create-a-ticket channel. One of the moderators can help you out.

Our mods will never DM you first, and never share your seed phrase or screen with anyone.

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I had the same “problem” recently, I would submit the 1st tx and no progress.

The solution is kind of embarrassing in my case, turns out my wallet wasn’t connected. In my defense I had previously always been automatically connected from prior visits, but as of late I need to manually connect every time I return.

Anyway, before submitting the first tx, click the hamburger button and confirm your wallet is connected.

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Also make sure “blind signing” is enabled on Ledger.

As @Coltron.eth mentioned, check Etherscan transactions for the wallet you’re registering with. See if you see a pending transaction broad-casted, waiting to be mined. If gas was low, then spiked, it may take time for it to get mined. Or, if your gas max is too low to be mined according to Ethereum network traffic and gas prices at the time. If you don’t see any pending transactions, this means Ledger isn’t sending out the transaction.

Another thing you can try is using Ledger Live + Wallet Connect instead of MetaMask.

Some users have success with Firefox + Ledger + MetaMask over Chrome based browsers. Clearing the cache and restarting the browser and reconnecting wallet also may help.

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Checking etherscan, the transactions are failing and being cancelled. The message from “ETH Register Controller” states: " Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [ Reverted ]"

Hi @johngeiser usually when you see this on Etherscan, “Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [ Reverted ]”, it means the transaction was a duplicate and the first was mined, or the name was registered before your transaction went through. So double-check that name is still available to be registered. (you don’t need to post it here, as someone else could see that and register it)

If you would like additional help, some of the mods or team can take a look at the Etherscan transactions. However, instead of having to put your public wallet address here in the post to troubleshoot, it may be better to create a private ticket either in Discord or with the official ENS support Twitter account.

ENS Twitter Support: @ens_support