Stuck choosing a delegate to claim tokens


  • Using chrome web browser for ENS claims site
  • Imported MEW wallet to MM using private key
  • See claimable tokens, successfully vote/sign

Problem on ENS Airdrop page, no delegates are loading to choose from. When I try to enter my delegate manually, I can add an address to delegate but when click through to the ENS Airdrop page, we are stuck with a gray box that reads “Checking delegate validity…”

Haven’t been able to get past this step. Anyone else having the same issue?

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I am having the exact same issue. None of the delegates are loading for me to choose from. I am unable to get pass this step.

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figured out the issue for me. I had to enable the metamask extension for “All Sites”

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This worked, thank you!

How did you enable Mm extension for all sites?

I’m having the same problem on Firefox (tor browser) and the metamask extension is already enabled for all sites. Any other suggestions to debug this?

EDIT: refreshing the page seems to have fixed it