Sudden price hike for registering?

Purchasing a few 5-9 word domains the past two days with an average price of $45-$55 and suddenly the price is up to $200?
To compare, I looked up a domain that I looked for yesterday that was available and it was $48 and the same one is now $200 so it doesn’t have to do with the characters it seems.

Does anyone have an idea why the price would change like that?

FYI I’m new to ens, thanks!

Perhaps gas happened to spike up when you looked? Here’s what I see:


Huh… its even more expensive now upwards of 280, and this is a 7 letter word

The one year price shouldn’t be 0.059. are you on the correct website?

Also the price is heavily influenced by the gas, which in your UI 164 gwei.

Use Ethereum (ETH) Mainnet - GasNow - - 2022 to see how gas price has been evolving

Hey thanks for the reply!

It went back down and I snagged it for $38 but yes, I was looking at another gas calculator and it was showing like $50-$60 gas at the time, but I still couldn’t see how it was $200-$280!?

Nonetheless it went back down, I guess that’s just how it goes and I’ll know to just wait it out next time.

Thanks everyone.

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Unless there is some urgency, one way to pay less in gas is by using “custom”.