Suggestion: add 10kClub tag in metadata api

I found that {"trait_type":"Character Set","display_type":"string","value":"digit"} has been added to metadata api if the ens is a digit ens, such as

I suggest that add a ‘10K CLUB’ tag if the ens is a 4-digit ens, such as : {"trait_type":"Tag","display_type":"string","value":"10K CLUB"}

There have been requests for this. The issue is that there are many clubs already and many more yet to come. Adding each one to metadata is not scalable.

If it were possible to add an API (although this is unrealistic and should not be done), I would prefer to propose adding @24hClubOfficial, which is much rarer than 10kClub :grinning: :grinning:

10K CLUB is the most famous ENS club, and all 10K CLUB members will contribute $1,500,000 to ENS DAO’s income per year.

Every club is important to the DAO. No need to fight over the API because no one is going to get it :wink: :rofl:

I didn’t intend to give a primer but I am preparing a project that issues rarity cards to all the clubs and their members. Here is a sample of the first few I have made so far for the number clubs

0x, dates, 24h and hyphen clubs will also be there but haven’t gotten around to doing them yet

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Very good, help me to make an example, thanks, 06h08.eth :grin:

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tks :grinning: :grinning:

Looks great! Appreciate your work on this. The 999 and 10k clubs are the staple imo, regardless of rarity. Nonetheless I concur all clubs/derivatives are greatly contributing to the DAO and should be weighed as such.

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You can filter for this in OpenSea and LooksRare - just filter for names that are 4 characters long and use digits only.

Thank you nick. I know this method :

It is meaningful to 10K CLUB if “10K CLUB” tag is added to the metadata API, it will be an encouragement to the 10K Club.