Suggestion RE: Bypassing Premium Expiry

RE: Bypassing Premium Expiry - Discussion (I couldn’t comment on the post, so I made this one)

@alisha.eth makes a good point about the opportunity cost of ENS Fairy.
@sat does a good job of expanding on this.

However, there does still seem to be massive opportunity for this to be misuses or for (at some time in the future) expansion and overreach of the original goal.


  1. Update the registration contract to optionally allow the wallet registering an ens domain to burn any fee that would ordinarily go to ENS DAO.
  2. Require that ENS Fairy use this mechanism and that the monies used are lost.


Any future wallet registering a domain could also choose to burn the ENS DAO fee. As the wallet gains nothing from this, it can also be used as a second mechanism (besides $ENS) to determine peoples satisfaction with the service.

What is the ‘massive opportunity for misuse’?

I understand you could vote to close ENS Fairy down at some point in the future when you all agree it’s reached a successful conclusion, but a precedent / institutional norm has been set which says it’s ok to interfere with the ENS mechanism in a way that is outside of that mechanism. How many generations of ENS holders do you trust to uphold your view of which domains are worthy/unworthy? Why even make it something you have to worry about?

I did write a bit more about it, but ultimately the initial post from @sat puts it pretty well.

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