Support for next gen wallets

Please review this link: Why we need wide adoption of social recovery wallets
The public good benefit from supporting this idea and aiding development with funds, technical knowledge ect… if this is possible for ens to incorporate into our growth a public trust in a safe secure audited next generation of wallet security services to bring about perhaps this vision shared not only by vitalik but by the masses and our institutions


Hi @ka9

Personally, I’m a fan of social recovery wallets.

Do you have a specific integration or proposal in mind?


“social recovery digital identities”? It should be possible to create an online identity that is vouched for by other users in the (decentralised) system. You could then tie your digital wallet to this, but also other less critical online assets like your Twitter account.

Most attacks against this system could be mitigated by having time-locks on the various assets which begin when the recovery process is started. In particular, if some of your friends are tricked into starting the recovery process, that should be published somewhere (in a pseudonymised form) so you can intervene and get them to stop before the time-lock opens.

 This is a post from a thread  about  S.R.W functionality  and  this idea is where I could see ENS stepping  up to the plate. 

I think its critical to our community to help secure the future space and identities of our user’s business and data.
Sorry I have run out of time for the moment but essentially you should imagine what ens will or could do to help solve the mass adoption problems


There a lot of things to be done to improve ENS and the web3 ecosystem. We welcome contributors with open arms.

You might be aware of this already, but thought I’d highlight it anyways.

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