SWAT analysis of ENS shows strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats just for discussion

I try to prepared a SWOT analysis for ENS that reveals strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in briefly
I know the report is inaccurate the report is just an idea that I wanted to present to 1Hive community and through it with community help and through discussion and comments we can build correct report
to be useful for 1Hive and be able to summarize the current situation
and I want help from the community
please I hope to get ideas, comments and corrections for errors in this report

Please tell me in comments or contact me directly your opinion and ideas for modifying report

the report is just for discussion,and of course at in the end of the discussion we will reach useful things be benefit for 1Hive project
and in the end, from community comments I will write it again in better way

Of course the community has better information and ideas than me

I’m going to be real with you - I have no clue what you are trying to say/ask. Is English not your first language? Using sentences would help a lot.

@daylon.eth Thank you for your comment and interest ,This is a SWOT analysis
“SWOT” word is come from the first letters of the words strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,threats
If you search for a SWAT analysis on the Internet, you will find that it is famous and important analysis , and you will find many models of SWAT analysis for famous companies

The analysis is based on presentation the strengths , weaknesses , opportunities, threats to company in short and graphic form

This is the way to prepare this report. It should be brief, on one page, and in graphic form, so that you can see the company’s position from one look.

I hope you will search for a SWAT analysis on the Internet to learn more about it