The AshleyD - PSA video….let’s discuss?…

This needs to be discussed / talked about…

Surely it’s a very bad meme that is part of a master plan or something?…

Please can somebody from the DAO and or ENS labs explain or give some closure on what the heck happened here:




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Yes everyone is plotting masterplans secretly.

I’m actually not sure what you mean by this comment?

But thank you for the reply, as it seems the “cat has caught the tongue” of many people here.

I don’t know about the secret plans idea though…

All I know is that, that video makes ENS look like a joke. And not even slightly funny and or acurate ?

“For just 0.01 eth a day”


Well, my friend, it appears that this video has certainly taken the seriousness out of ENS and turned it into a laughing matter.

It seems to have missed the mark when it comes to being both funny and accurate.

A pity, isn’t it?

It’s always disappointing when something fails to live up to its potential.


(Pirate voice)

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