The ENS Registrar Controllers have a lot of ETH in Testnet

Hey guys, there is a lot of ETH accumulated in the testnets. Would it be possible to redeem these and distribute it to ENS developers who might need it for developing ENS tools? If it doesn’t serve a specific purpose being kept in these contracts, I think would be a good initiative to promote more development in the ecosystem.

Redistribution could be delivered in the form of a faucet.


Excellent point! I’ll hunt down some faucet operators and make sure they get it.


Outstanding! Wolfram is building like crazy. It would be cool for our mega builders like him to have a stack of testnet eth. Having a nice pile of testnet ETH could potentially become a big dev flex. Let’s not miss the opportunity to embrace another sort of illiquid economy. Let’s give our ENS community devs some test eth flexing power? :laughing: But also not inconvenience them with faucets when their time is so precious :muscle:

I love this suggestion @wolfram.eth!


I don’t think that using Eth to community members / builders to “Flex” with is the best idea.

But agreed if eth is just stagnating in old wallets or test nets then it could be much better out to use.

I would urge the DAO & core team to join some Twitter spaces more often and listen and feel the mood of the active Twitter community for example…? There are lots of great ideas, builders , Degens, artists and newbs and it’s growing every day…it’s awesome to see and be part of.

However, to play Devils advocate I believe that not all is as it seems, and the definition of “builder” needs to be firmly defined.

I’ve claimed and distributed the testnet ether to a number of faucets:

All have promised to support ENS names in their faucet ui!


Thank you, Nick!