The Importance of a Strategic Plan to Attract the Latin Community for the DAO

The DAO does not currently have a Strategic Plan to attract the Latin community.

Would your leaders and members be willing to work together to build one, as it is considered necessary, urgent, and beneficial to all?


What do you have in mind?

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Strategy to attract the Latin Community

I think we need to start with market research to understand the preferences of the Latin community. We can then tailor our messaging and outreach to better attract them.

Additionally, we need to build relationships with key opinion leaders and thought leaders within the Latin community.

  • Reaching out to popular Spanish-language media outlets (e.g., Univision, Telemundo) to generate awareness of The DAO among Latin American audiences.

  • Developing targeted marketing and outreach materials in Spanish to better communicate The DAO’s value proposition to potential Latin American members.

  • Creating and/or partnering with Spanish-language online communities and forums (e.g., Reddit, Facebook groups) to provide information and support for Latin American members interested in joining The DAO.

  • Hosting meetups and events in Latin American countries to engage directly with the local community and build interest in The DAO.

  • Create content (e.g., blog posts, articles, videos, etc.) in Spanish or Portuguese to appeal to the Latin American audience.

This is just a starting point – there may be other strategies that would be more effective in attracting the Latin American community.

The important thing is that The DAO makes a concerted effort to reach out to this growing market.


It might be worth connecting with the ENSLatino.eth team, if you’re interested, to learn more about their plans.


It is important to remember that the ENS DAO is not the same as ENSLatino.eth.

Although they may share some objectives, the ENS DAO is its own entity with its own interests and goals.

Therefore, any actions or initiatives must come from the ENS DAO itself – it cannot be assumed that the ENS DAO represents any one person or project.

Without a clear goal in mind, all the ENS DAO’s efforts and resources could be wasted.

I can see what you have brought to the forum and ENS DAO has great intentions and this seems like a topic that you have a real passion for and I. believe whhhat you are doing is good indeed.

Anyone can correct me if I am wrong or my perspective is off balance.

I think that the DAO would agree that diversity without bias for exclusionary practices that; disenfranchise any person(s), make decisions on the basis of, utilize time to specifically target, attract or ‘market’ ENS (which is a public good) to any person(s) or groups of based on race, culture, heritage, nationality, citizenship, sovereignty, sex, gender, identity, religion, disability etc., does not align with the what ENS aims to accomplish.

That should not be confused with the the overall collective of individuals working in web3 of which aim to progress forward and establish a concrete foundation for a future society where we can live free of aged exclusionary principles.

This may have came off as an exclusionary proclamation— instead the opposite. ENS is for everyone and that should absolutely go without question. ENS DAO works differently that the organizations we are used to. The structure of ENS DAO lets the specificities of work to be self-governed, created, established by ENS DAO members (you, me, us, we) under the respective working groups.

ENS DAO is a mechanism. Think of it as machine that has multiple product outputs that when fabricated correctly, all the pieces create ENS for what it is.

control board being the DAO itself ensuring all other components work together.
governance as a quality assurance inspector
contracts being relayers and resistors
electricity being the workload
gears being the working groups
subgroups being the capacitors or gears
power cord is the funding stream
that all together creates ENS ecosystem

The DAO is simply a mechanism that we all are part of and goals of adoption and development are ultimately up to us as individuals collectively as the DAO.

It’s up to us to build it because we are the DAO a collective of individuals using initiative to make it happen, which includes you as well.

I wrote this without bias towards anything at all except only with ENS DAO as a mechanism in mind and nothing else.

I would consider what @alisha.eth recommended as well. But that does not mean you can’t share your ideas. They are encouraged. Communication and exploration of ideas creates ENS success. Personally I want to encourage you to make this a personal goal to achieve as well as a goal for the DAO. You got this.


The ENS DAO is supposed to help everyone, but if someone makes a decision that goes against what the DAO is trying to achieve, it could have the opposite effect.

This is not helpful to the DAO!!!