The missing links to .eth +

I’ve been playing around with .eth domains, but to be honest a lot of things are missing:

  • Domain modifications are too expensive, especially factoring in high gas prices.
  • .eth domain resolution support is limited. I’d like to scan the eth blockchain for new domain registrations, but ethereum contract support is weak in Rust and other languages. (and requires a full ethereum blockchain). Public API-based revolvers provided by would help here until the ecosystem catches up.
  • .eth domain support in browsers is limited. unstoppable domains has a browser plugin which resolves .crypto and .zil domains to IPFS urls and directs you to the configured public (or private) ipfs gateway. .eth needs something like this to fill the gap.
  • .eth domain support in wallets. While things like metamask have .eth support, a lot of “big” wallets like Ledger Live don’t. (I reached out to Ledger about this as an enhancement)

Just got a reply from Ledger about supporting blockchain domains.

I understand that you want to know when blockchain-based domain names will be supported.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with any information or ETA about a hypothetic implementation of this feature

Ledger hardware wallets benefit from a secure operating system called [BOLOS ( bolos/), providing an open platform upon which developers can build applications.

Developers willing to build apps for Ledger hardware wallets, like adding support for the crypto asset > you’re referring to, are welcome to get in touch with us.

I don’t think they understand the request :expressionless:

We’re working on various options for L2 support right now, and it’s a priority for us, but it’ll be a while before anything is ready.

If you have a web3 library for your language, you can point it at INFURA or another node API endpoint. Alternately, we have, which operates DNS servers (eg, resolve TXT to see the IPFS content hashes for almonit.eth).

Metamask supports resolving .eth domains in your browser and has for a long time!

We’ve got over 140 integrations! If there are others that you can identify that need following up, let us know.