The Web3 Fiverr for anon professionals

Hi, I’m Ivan aka MrRed.eth.
I am not a dev, but I did my best to build this platform with no-code language.
I want to introduce you to BADG3, hoping to get any kind of support from this community.

What is BADG3?
Badg3 is the Web3 Fiverr for anonymous professionals.
Professionals can create a profile by inheriting their on-chain data, and companies can contact them or post job offers.
The mission is to create a marketplace in a proper Web3 perspective, where profiles can remain anonymous but still be reliable.
BADG3 is free and always will be.
Our equation is → Trustworthiness = ENS + SBT

Why BADG3 was born?
Last year I tried to launch an NFT project but without success. Many profiles (as moderators, community managers, devs, etc.) contacted me via Discord and Twitter, most of them anonymous. But I did not know how to trust them. Someone also scammed me, I sent him a small amount as an advance, but then he disappeared.
I saw a big gap in the reliability of profiles and payment methods (this is an implementation we will do later).

I think Web3 needs more transparency, trustworthiness, and decentralization. For this reason, BADG3 was born.

What does BADG3 have to do with ENS domains?
ENS domains are the backbone of users’ data profiles.
We see no added value to ask user for data that will be stored in our server and only visible in BADGE.
So, when the user logs in, his profile is automatically created by inheriting the data from his ENS domain.
Voices such as Bio, mail, social, skills, etc… can be taken from ENS records.

What is the current state of the platform?
The platform is already online.
We have recently developed a user profile and a wallet-to-wallet chat. We are already working on integrating APIs and populating the platform with job offers.
The second step will be to integrate Soulbound tokens to verify knowledge and job experiences.
The third step will be to create an area for web3 projects (companies) and verify them so they can post job offers and send SBTs to professionals for their jobs.

We are currently looking for funds, to expand the team and develop faster.

If you would like to test the platform, I will be happy to give you some invitation codes


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