Token Allowance Checker Shows Proxy Addresses with Unlimted Withdrawal Permissions

My MetaMask has been compromised. When I check my address against Token Allowance Checker I see there are several permissions granted for unlimited funds withdrawal. Since every change requires gas fees I can not make any changes as there are no funds lift in the wallet and each time funds are sent to that address they are immediately gone. I have over 30 .eth domains tied to this address: 0x8863Dc2C84267bD957b3352866d67fB1da651a0a. I can not renew them or claim my air drop for obvious reasons. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.

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Might be unrelated… but look at the polyscan, instead of etherscan.
Theres a few phishing addresses in transfers.

I saw it. I have added all of them to my watch list and will be checking to see if any funds move and where. Money is gone and so be it. Lessons learned and we move on but I need to figure out a way to salvage my domain names. Unfortunately, I can’t get any answers anywhere. Thanks anyway!

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Sounds like your private key is compromised. Hackers use tools which will immediately siphon any funds sent. There are 2 options i know of to get your .eth addresses back.

  1. use flash loans to both fund the wallet, send the .eth addresses to an address you own, and return the funds in a single block. *I do not have the expertise to help you there, but might be able to point you to someone who does, though it would likely require you to trust them fully by giving them the private key, which isnt a huge deal if its already compromised - and thats if they’re willing to help
  2. wait for the .eth addresses to expire, and buy them using a non-compromised wallet.

Best of luck

I appreciate it. I will most certainly talk to anyone and hear them out and see if it makes sense to proceed. Feel free to pass on my info. Thanks again!

Good Morning. Does anyone know if I am actually successful in somehow moving my domain names from a compromised wallet to a non compromised wallet if I will be still eligible to claim my ENS tokens?

The only way to claim ens is using the private key of the address which held the ENS names on Oct 31. Since your private key matching that scenario is compromised, the likelihood is low as funds will be siphoned as soon as you send them, so you would never have enough funds in there to cover gas costs. Unless you use the flashloan scenario I mentioned where you do every tx, including sending the $ENS to a new wallet, in a single block.

I was afraid that would be the answer. But if that can be done I will figure it out. Thanks again!

Excellent! Thank you!