Treasury Check & Financial Position of ENS DAO

I am formally requesting all working groups to provide a short report of their budget and expenses below (before June 5) for the 1st ENS DAO Governance Report to be published next month.

Please use the following format:

  • Budget requested for Q1/2 (tabulated)
  • Budget spent in Q1/2 (tabulated)

@Meta-Gov_Stewards @PublicGoods_Stewards @Ecosystem_Stewards @Community_Stewards

Other expenses such as disbursement of funds from the DAO wallet (e.g. to TNL, Protocol Guild, SpruceID etc) should also be provided by the relevant people in charge (@nick.eth or @alisha.eth?)

Thank you.

(I will hound each one of you publicly and privately until I get this, so please make it easy on both of us :slight_smile::wink:)


Sending you a running copy of our disbursements now, I’m still in the process of reviewing it. We may end up generating a report directly from Parcel.

Our transaction history can be viewed on gnosis safe here: Gnosis Safe


I am in shock after seeing Community WG balance sheet. Contributors have been appropriately compensated, held accountable by a note for every hour of effort, and it shows in the success of the subgroup. Clone Coltron and have one of him in each WG :clap: :clap: :clap:


I’m strongly in favour of funding a cloning effort of Coltron so we can have one in each workgroup!

Jokes aside, this is a great effort. It’s going to be good for everyone to have a general overview of it all :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to seeing this so thanks to everyone who contributed.

I get the feeling that there’s FAR more money coming into the ENS Treasury than going out and perhaps if the community had a clearer picture eg. an overview of monthly income and expenditure (I am happy to work on this with some guidance), it might become more inclined to loosen the purse strings and fund some worthwhile proposals.

These are early days for the DAO, but creating this kind of transparency helps create a community that is well-informed and more likely to make good decisions.


There is a public dashboard of income and revenue (and lots more) here: ENS Dashboard