True Names Limited is hiring!

Hey frens! Could you use a gm? We could too.

True Names Limited is hiring a General Manager to help us build the best tools and community possible for ENS. For details and to apply see


Not sure if this is the most appropriate place to discuss, but just curious how you determine which work/roles are the responsibility of the DAO vs True Names? Are these positions currently paid by the True Names reserves? Will the DAO eventually be reimbursing True Names for these roles? Forgive me if I’m misremembering, but I think you’ve previously said that eventually, you’d like True Names employees to work directly for the DAO. Is that still the end goal? (or maybe it’s too early to know)

I see TNL’s goal as being a “development org” for ENS. It’s our job to build tooling and smart contract upgrades that benefit ENS, as well as helping with support, communications outreach etc as needed. We’ve got reserves, but we expect to be sending in a budget request to the DAO in the nearish future to start requesting an annual budget.

I don’t think abolishing TNL in favor of all being individual DAO contributors is practical; it’s very difficult to execute on a cohesive vision without an organisation to direct our efforts. Instead, I’d like to see other organisations spring up to serve similar purposes; decentralisation is achieved not by abolishing companies but by abolishing monopolies.

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You should mint this

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Is the Director of Operations role available at TNL?