Twitter Space Summary - March 2, 2022 - ENS $69,420 Ecosystem / Gitcoin Grant Matching Round Brief [GR13]

On March 2nd, 2022, @alisha.eth held an impromptu Twitter Space to discuss the ENS Ecosystem matching round for Gitcoin Round 13 Grants. More information about the $69,420 (nice) matching pool will be posted shortly. In the meantime, more information can be found here.

Space Summary:
In an effort to support the advancement of the ENS Ecosystem, ENS is hosting a Gitcoin Grants Matching Round to fund projects for anyone actively doing work that supports the mission of ENS or ENS DAO. Grant applications are due before March 9th!

ENS will benefit from tools that help improve the ENS experience for both users and builders. Some examples given of tools that benefit the ecosystem include ENS Tools and eth Leaderboard.

The ability to create subdomains utilizing CCIP read (coming soon) will foster new potential that will enhance the ENS experience. Layer 2s will be essential to scaling ENS in an affordable way.

Concerns such as gas prices were discussed, as well as setting up a wallet as an onboarding challenge. ENS domain expiration vs “permanent” registration was discussed

Finding ways to improve learning by educating with NFTs was shared.

Questions & Answers:

Q: How can we get to mass adoption?


  • Using ENS as a ‘social consumer app,’ recognizing the interface as being an important aspect of adoption was discussed.
  • Using CCIP for much lower gas cost.
  • Using subdomains to make payments and/or creating a subdomains for each service.
  • puma.eth was given as an example of integrating into the web3 space with ENS.
Q: Can ENS create a tool to display NFT collections like 'check out my stamp collection?'


  • It is up to the community to build tools, and we encourage open source models.
  • ENS Tools and eth Leaderboard were provided as examples of what is being built by 3rd parties.
  • We would like to see more avatar integrations or avatar related projects.
  • Providing a random person with the opportunity to have their avatar displayed on the site over a period of time with a ‘draw’ or ‘raffle’ was presented as an idea for avatar support.
Q: How will DAOs and NFT communities use ENS subdomains?


  • ENS was described as a great way to enter into web3 and NFTs.
  • Subdomains discussed as the future majority of ENS use cases, similar even to email.
  • CCIP read will help with gas cost and will help to make transactions appear effortless.

Open Discussions:

  • How will DAOs and NFT projects use subdomains for credentialing or community association?
  • How will CCIP open up more possibilities?
  • What projects will have more avatar integrations?
  • What tools will help improve the ENS experience for users and builders?
  • What will be built to support and improve the ENS Ecosystem and community?

Special thanks to @yodaone.eth for taking excellent notes, from which I am adopting this summary.

Gitcoin Round 13 Grants
ENS Ecosystem Round Brief
Gitcoin Matching Round Tweet


Thank you so much for this summary @daylon.eth and @yodaone.eth. This seems like a perfect opportunity to acknowledge the value of scribes and archivists within the ENS DAO.

I’d love to set up a pod within the DAO-Tooling subgroup for scribes. We can start a conversation that sets out the process for collecting scribe contributions (maybe through Airtable), deliverables with such content, and distributing compensation for such services.

My intention is not for the DAO to go out of its way to ‘recruit’ scribes, but to acknowledge that people like @daylon.eth and @yodaone.eth are already making contributions that add value to the ENS DAO, so we should start there. I can imagine over time that this forum will become quite the resource as a search tool for all ENS related content if we are able to successfully bring a scribe pod to life.


Here is my Gitcoin Grant application for work on subdomains.


Nice! Here is the page for the ENS DAO Newsletter.
I will be ecstatic if we even get a couple of dollars :grin:


Twitter Space Summary - March 15th, 2022 - Let’s Talk About ENS Ecosystem Round Projects

Introduction :

On March 15th, 2022, @alisha.eth held a Twitter Space to follow up on the ENS Ecosystem $69,420 matching round for the Gitcoin Round 13 Grants.

Space Summary :

The ENS Ecosystem Grants Round Twitter Space provided an opportunity for the community to offer feedback on the GR13 experience. Projects are able to receive up to 10% of the matching round. Some examples that were given were ethers.js for their ability to receive maximum contribution, and the ENS DAO Newsletter lead by @daylon.eth and @coltron.eth for gaining traction.

Retroactive funding was discussed. Retroactive funding is a way to reward unforeseen benefits and will be an essential component of receiving funding moving forward. This makes the smallest grant request today possibly have a much bigger impact in the future. It was mentioned that starting with a small grant was a way to show up and feel comfortable about going bigger next time. A suggestion was made to get verified and to start creating a certain level of activity before the next grants round in 3 months.

ENS would like to continue offering matching grants with potentially increasing contribution amounts.

Questions & Answers :

Q. Is using zksync recommended?

A. Using zksync for the first time could be challenging, but could maximize contributions by lowering transaction fees when connecting with the zksync wallet. Users tend to find it very easy the second time and enjoy the comfort of contributing to grants with a minuscule amount towards fees.

Open Discussions :

  • What impact will we see flourish in the next 10yrs as a direct result of the ENS Ecosystem contributions?
  • How much will ENS contribute towards GR14?
  • What are your thoughts on having more Twitter Spaces focused on identity?
  • Can the ENS Ecosystem WG highlight the process of applying for grants?

References :

Twitter Space
Gitcoin Round 13 Grants
zksync wallet