Twitter/X integration

I would like to propose integration in Twitter/X platform as soon as possible, because their goal is to standardize crypto payments and be a hub of some sort. ENS can participate by providing protected registered names for X platform and other platforms. Platform X is growing rapidly and negotiations need to be made ASAP.

ENS could offer some exclusive names for X and in return for cooperation.

that sounds like a great idea on paper :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_tear:except that twitter is not interested in doing this, most likely ))

Wouldn’t surprise me at all if X produces it’s own naming service…


Think about if they developed a protocol that is chain agnostic but still utilises similar framework to ENS.

In my opinion, Something big will happen this year with regards to payments and exchanges all on X.

Just a thought

but they do have there own naming service, pretty much anyway

because you can have handle and username

handle is what appears in the URL, which is globally unique, you can’t have two identical handles, whereas username is what displayed on the page, it can be anything

so they can use the handle to do whatever

that why when I was choosing “nickname” I wanted to go with something unique, for which the handle would be available, I’ve choosen Spike Watanabe which was available

I’m pretty sure that they would leverage on there system sooner or later, which is considerable threat to ENS

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With the recent removal of NFT integration on X, I suspect there direction would not be ENS-aligned. We would have more opportunity providing resources where people are more supportive (e.g. Farcaster).

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I think if they really wanted to, they could’ve integrated it with a flip of a finger

they got all the resources, and all the documentation is in place for ENS