Two bugs in dApp to report

As requested by Brantly, I’m putting these here.

#1 - Trying to xfer an ENS name using the transfer tool in the dApp to dutch.eth, and the address resolves as 0x000000 even though I’ve correctly set the public resolver and address for dutch.eth. Using the same process for seems to work just fine.

#2 - Some names will not appear on the “Registrant” tab of the “my names” section, and will only appear in the "Controller’ tab. Example:
firework.eth appears in the Registrant tab and Controller tab, while fireworks.eth only appears in the Controller tab and is missing from the Registrant tab, even though both names were registered through the same process during the initial landrush period and for all intents and purposes should be treated exactly the same by the dApp.

Thanks guys.
Dutch Boyd

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This should be fixed now.

I see ‘firework.eth’ in that list. Perhaps it wasn’t showing due to a bug we’ve since fixed?

Hey Nick -

Just tried again, and on my browser “firework.eth” is on both tabs (registerar&controller), but “fireworks.eth” (pl) is only on the controller list. And “whispers.eth” wasn’t on either controller or registrar list. All three names were registered roughly the same time using the same method. So I’d expect they should all be showing up in both lists, but they aren’t.

I saw other people in the gitter chat having the same issue with names missing from one or both tabs.


ps - Using the transfer form to dutch.eth now appears to work.

Ah, this appears to be an issue with how we handle pagination for users with large numbers of domains. I’ve filed a bug for it here: