TX PENDING stuck since yesterday


I have been stuck on TX Pending since yesterday almost 14 hours. Still pending on Metamask and TX Pending on Ens website.

I have proceeded to speed up the process and still waiting in queue.

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Check your account on an explorer like Etherscan to see if the transaction was really broadcast or not. If you don’t see it, it’s likely just a Metamask issue, in which case you can reset your account in Settings → Advanced to clear your pending/queued transactions and try again.

If that is a hardware wallet, then make sure to approve the transaction after it pops up on your physical device. If you don’t see it appear on the physical device, then you might have some sort of connection/browser issue, and you might want to try unplugging/restarting or a different browser altogether.

If you still need help, join the Discord server and you can create a support ticket!