Unable to link wallet and discord server wont let join

anyone else unable to interact with anyting ENS realated? the discord says invites paused, i cannot connect my wallet in this app, the dapp on dapps.ens will not connect to wallets eiter?


Hi, I believe that @zadok7 paused invites on the Discord to deal with a scam bot attack we’ve been experiencing lately. I’ve pinged him here and he should respond later.

This is unrelated to any issue you’re experiencing connecting your wallet to app.ens.domains, usually that’s just caused by local browser/wallet issues. If you open a ticket using the chat widget (bottom-right of the screen) at https://app.ens.domains we can try to help you with that :slight_smile:


Ya my inability to link happened around the rollout of Waller connect 2.0 I’ll reach back out to them ry


As @cthulu.eth mentioned, the best way to get support is probably going to be directly in the ENS Manager App. You can click the chat icon in the bottom right. If the bot cannot find the answers, it will connect you to a live support mod for help. :slight_smile:

As far as Discord, the invites are currently paused for that as we make some security changes on the invite server. Sorry for the inconvenience. Should be resolved soon.

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Well, I reached out and just keep getting told that it’s still down. Is this just like a buy a four letter ENS initiation spend 200 and get kicked off of Discord for good? I knew do the ENS was a “ who ya know”ordeal but dang.
But at least it gives me something to do with all of those unstoppable domains that I knew about for some reason😆