Unclaimed deposit on my ENS name but my wallet "owns 0 names to claim deposit"

When I input my ENS name into reclaim.ens.domains I see that it has a claimable 0.01 ETH deposit. However, when I input my wallet address that owns that ENS name it says the wallet has “owns 0 (worth 0.00 ETH) names to claim deposit”. Why is this? How do I claim?

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Am having absolutely the same issue with one of my domains. Is there any solution?

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Me to! Now! What is to do? Or will WE get no Support?!?

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Only the original owner of the domain can claim their deposit back. If you are the new owner, the message isn’t intended for you and you don’t have to do anything.

I have the same issue. The name has some ETH on deposit, and I am using the original address that owned the name but that shows 0 eth to claim deposit. Something is wrong. I could share the name and address privately but don’t want to put it here.

Nick Johnson solved my issue by instructing me to use the releaseDeed function here https://etherscan.io/address/0x6090a6e47849629b7245dfa1ca21d94cd15878ef#writeContract and entering in the hash of my ens name (Not sure how to generate it, but you can find it in the event logs of the registration or renewal transaction) e.g. 0x3994235752a5cbcf77f8c27fabaad68db5a80f083b48983e79bf25da8fd8d2d4
Obviously must be done using the account that owned the name.

Thanks Nick!