Understanding and coding the ENS constitution

Hi folks, Josh here from Metagov.

Context: a few other researchers and I have recently been studying the ENS constitution as part of a larger research project on the constitutions of Web3 funded by the Filecoin Foundation. We’ve stored and coded up the ENS constitution within our model along with many others and are trying to understand how to support more and better constitutions within Web3.

Question: I have a quick question for this group: who was involved in authoring the constitution, and would it be possible to speak to some of those people? We have some short questions (copied below) about the context for the ENS constitution. If it’s more convenient, you can also post a response directly in this thread!

  • “What first inspired the desire to create your community’s document?”
  • “For what audience(s) did you write your document?”
  • “Can you describe the process by which your governance document was created and published? If there were any specific roles or groups involved, please indicate them.”
  • “How did you feel the constitution creation process went? What were the biggest challenges involved?”
  • “How is the constitution currently being used in practice? Is it referred to and referenced on a regular basis?”
  • “Do you have any advice/resources for other organizations trying to create their own constitutions?”
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I was the primary author of the ENS constitution. I’ll fill out your TypeForm.


Hi Nick, just read it + replied over email; thanks again for the response!


Hi @nick.eth and other ENS folks: we just published the research, along with an archived copy of the ENS constitution, at https://constitutions.metagov.org/

Thanks again for your help. :pray:

Notably, we made some recommendations based on both our textual analysis and on interviews with the authors of these constitutions. Curious if this community agrees or disagrees!

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