Unknown eth domains listed on OpenSea

Just discovered something strange on OpenSea regarding a .eth domain. I’ve seen a few “Unknown ENS name” listed ´?.eth´, but never understood what they where. Today I noticed a newly listed ?.eth and saw that OpenSea provided a button just underneath the title that lets you enter the unknown domain.

I got curious and started to look around for clues of what this domain could be. The seller did not have this ?-domain in the OpenSea inventory either. But the description read “This is an unknown ENS name with the hash:[Hash]”

After converting the hash to decimals and finally found a transaction on etherscan linked to it, revealing the name. I entered it on OpenSea and matched.

The strange thing is when it did, the owner adress changed to NullAdress and so did the listed OpenSea seller. I think it de-listed from OpenSea too.

The hash resolved to freevirgil.eth and it’s currently at the end of its grace period.

The seller is now listed as Ryu (the registrant address apparently) but before I resolved it, the seller was deti.eth

I assume you’re not supposed to be able to sell a domain currently in grace, or is that up to the buyer to decide? Maybe it’s OpenSea I should ask about this?

Anyway I am mostly curios, but if it’s a bug of sorts, I thought I might as well report it.