UnruggableNames.com - Unruggable subname rentals. Live on Goerli

I have been working on a frontend demo for Unruggable Names, which is now deployed on Goerli.

You can check it out at https://unruggablenames.com.

We welcome any feedback on bugs or suggestions for improvement.

The interface is hopefully pretty intuitive to use, but I have also prepared a quick visual guide for anyone who would like a step-by-step explanation.

Registering a Second Level .eth Name

  1. Visit https://unruggablenames.com.

  1. Enter a name in the search box.

  2. Click β€˜Search’

Note: We will display additional subname suggestions which demonstrate the two initial renewal controllers that we have developed: $5 Renewal Controller; and a Length Based Renewal Controller.

  1. Click β€˜Register’ (assuming the name is available).

  2. You will be prompted to submit a commitment transaction using your wallet provider (e.g., Metamask).

  3. If you have not connected a wallet, click β€˜Connect’ in the bottom right-hand corner.

  1. You will then be asked to confirm a second transaction to complete the registration of the name.

Setting Up Subdomain Registrations for Your Second Level .eth Name

  1. Click on β€˜more info’

  2. Click on the β€˜Approvals’ tab (this is only shown for names owned by your connected address) to provide necessary approvals for our smart contracts to interact.

  1. Approve the necessary contracts:
  • Allow our SubnameWrapper contract to control your parent ENS name (e.g., forsubs.eth) within the ENS NameWrapper contract.

  • Allow our SubnameRegistrar contract to register subnames of your parent ENS name, e.g., name.forsubs.eth, in the SubnameWrapper contract.

  1. Click on the β€˜Subnames’ tab and select β€˜Registration Configuration’

  1. Toggle the β€˜Offer subnames’ checkbox.

  2. Choose a renewal controller from the dropdown menu (currently the $5 Renewal Controller, and the Length Based Renewal Controller are available).

  3. Click β€˜Save Configuration’

Subnames of your parent name can now be registered!

Currently, the subname registrar offers free registration of all subnames for the first year. We are working on additional registration options, including airdrop functionality, and individual pricing per name.

After the first year, renewal costs are subject to the rules set out in the selected Renewal Controller. You can review the rules defined by the renewal controller by clicking the β€˜Renewal Configuration’ section.

Registering a Subname

The process for registering a subname is the same as outlined above for a second level .eth name:

  1. Enter a subname of the name you registered and set up (following the previous steps).

  1. Click the β€˜Register’ button and proceed as above.


The Renew button can be found in the β€˜more info’ tab of any name/subname.

Renewals for second level names are routed through the normal ENS .eth registrar controller and are subject to its pricing rules.

Renewals for subnames are subject to the rules outlined in the specific Renewal Controller associated with the subname.

  • The $5 Renewal Controller will charge a set price of $5 per year for renewals.
  • The Length Based Renewal Controller charges $1,000 for 1 character names, $100 for 2 character names, $10 for 3 character names, and $5 for all other names.

Please have a play and provide any/all feedback :slight_smile: