Unstoppable domains new patent: Resolving blockchain domains

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Surprised not to see this posted already so I am starting the discussion, what is the thoughts here, does ENS intend to work with UD, has any discussions taken place with UD and ENS regarding this patent.

I feel uneasy about the ethics of patenting technology that is open source and not built by UD, but its also a clever move and makes me think they are moving towards creating a dDNS ICANN.

Please share your thoughts, as this could effect ENS.


nearly forgot to post the patent: https://domainnamewire.com/wp-content/Unstoppable-patent.pdf

This article will explain a few more details to events on the 17th January!


I feel uneasy whenever someone mentions patents (or as John Oliver calls them – legally binding dibs). I don’t know much about patenting but I know it’s really big and can be ethically shady. The patent abuse was very strong in the US at some point, not sure about the situation now. Therefore, I’d love to see more discussion around this and making sure it doesn’t negatively impact the ENS and its development at some point.

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What exactly does this mean are they going to try to sue ENS? or block the Icann .eth delivery?

Interesting information. Maybe this is why they explicitly excluded ENS out of their web3 alliance group.

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We are the competition so i think yes